Revv – G2 Drive/Crunch Pedal

Revv – G2 Drive/Crunch Pedal

Revv – G2 Drive/Crunch Pedal


Introducing the hugely versatile ‘G2’ from Canadian Amplifier/Pedal Wizards ‘Revv’. Revv’s ‘G2’ has collected hordes of fans throughout the Rock and Metal community, and for good reason too. Whilst the ‘G3’ and ‘G4’ are ferocious high-gain beasts, the G2 is a much more subtle affair. Based on the green channel from Revv’s ‘Generator’ amplifiers, this eye-catching little powerhouse has all the tone and power to match its vibrant housing.

Main Features

Responsive Tone

The Revv G2 delivers a ‘crunch’ type tone that is responsive to the dynamics in your playing style and also your guitar’s volume knob, in much the same way as a valve amplifier.

3-Band EQ

The G2 features a sensitive 3-band EQ, allowing you to shape your tone to perfection. This gives you full control over the bass, mid, and treble frequencies.

3 Drive Modes

The G2 offers 3 separate drive modes, allowing you to adjust the pedal’s characteristics depending on the amplifier you’re running through. This versatility ensures that the G2 can adapt to any setup.


The G2 is not just a light overdrive/crunch pedal. At lower settings, it has a clear, boost-like tonality that can bring life to your clean tones. When running through a high-gain amplifier, it tightens your sound and adds serious saturation to your tone.

Technical Specifications

Gain and EQ

  • Broadest gain and 3-band EQ in Revv’s G series
  • Offers a wide range of tonal variety
  • Incredibly responsive 3-band EQ

Pedal Design

  • Solid, road-worthy chassis
  • Simple, easy-to-use front panel
  • Large, solid knobs for easy control

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the G2 be used as a preamplifier?

Yes, the G2 can be run through your amplifier’s effects loop and used as a preamplifier, providing you with even more tonal possibilities.

Is the G2 compatible with all types of amplifiers?

Yes, the G2 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of amplifiers. Its 3 drive modes allow it to adapt to different amplifier characteristics.

What makes the G2 stand out from other overdrive pedals?

The G2’s versatility and responsive tone set it apart from other overdrive pedals. Its ability to deliver both subtle crunch and high-gain saturation makes it a favorite among guitarists.

The Revv G2, alongside its siblings, the G3 & G4, has been turning heads in the guitar community since its inception. It’s time to get onboard and find out why.