Neverland Hairdressing Head – Product Description

Neverland Hairdressing Head – Product Description

Neverland Hairdressing Head

Introducing the Neverland Hairdressing Head, the ultimate tool for hair styling enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its 28 inch length and 50% real human hair, this training head is perfect for practicing various hair techniques and styles.

Product Features

Hair Material

The Neverland Hairdressing Head is made with 50% human hair, allowing you to straighten, iron, style, braid, and experiment with different looks. The face of the mannequin head can also be used for makeup practice, making it a versatile tool for cosmetology students.

Suitable Groups

This training head is suitable for cosmetology students, hairdressers, or anyone looking to improve their hair styling skills. It can also be a great gift for spending quality time with a little girl, allowing her to explore her creativity and improve her practical abilities.

Plenty of Hair

The Neverland Hairdressing Head features a density of 230-260 hair per cm², providing you with plenty of hair for practice. It is normal for a few strands of hair to fall out initially, just like real hair. Please take care of the hair to ensure its longevity.

Baby Doll

Not only is the Neverland Hairdressing Head suitable for professional use, but it also serves as a great companion for little girls. Styling the hair of the training head can be a fun and interesting activity, allowing your little one to enhance her practical skills while having a great time.

Professional Use

The Neverland Hairdressing Head is widely used by hairdressers, stylists, salons, and cosmetology schools for practice and training purposes. It provides a realistic experience and allows professionals to perfect their techniques before working on real clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the hair be washed?

Yes, the hair on the Neverland Hairdressing Head can be washed and styled just like real hair. However, it is important to use gentle hair care products and avoid excessive heat to maintain its quality.

Is the clamp holder included?

Yes, the Neverland Hairdressing Head comes with a table clamp holder, allowing you to securely attach it to a table or work surface for convenient styling.

Can the mannequin head be used for coloring?

While the Neverland Hairdressing Head is primarily designed for styling practice, it can also be used for coloring experiments. However, it is recommended to use professional hair coloring products and techniques to achieve the best results.


The Neverland Hairdressing Head is the perfect companion for hair enthusiasts and professionals. With its high-quality human hair, versatile styling options, and suitability for both professional and personal use, it is a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their hair styling skills. Get your Neverland Hairdressing Head today and unleash your creativity!