Little Tinkers World Premium Hooded Towels For Kids

Little Tinkers World Premium Hooded Towels For Kids

Little Tinkers World Premium Hooded Towels For Kids


Welcome to the world of Little Tinkers! We are proud to present our premium hooded towels for kids. Designed with love and care, these towels are perfect for both the beach and bath time. With their unicorn design, ultra softness, and extra large size, your little girls will surely enjoy using them. Made from 100% cotton, these hooded towels are not only cute but also highly absorbent, ensuring a cozy and comfortable experience for your child.

Main Features

Unicorn Design

Our hooded towels feature a charming unicorn design that will capture the imagination of your little ones. The vibrant colors and cute details make these towels a delightful addition to any child’s bath time or beach outing.

Ultra Soft and Extra Large

We understand the importance of providing the utmost comfort for your child. That’s why our towels are made with premium quality cotton, ensuring a soft and gentle touch on your little one’s skin. The extra large size of the towel allows for full coverage, keeping your child warm and cozy.

High Absorbency

Our hooded towels are highly absorbent, making them perfect for drying your child after swimming or bathing. The 100% cotton material quickly absorbs moisture, leaving your child feeling dry and comfortable in no time.

Perfect for Girls

Designed with girls in mind, our hooded towels are a great addition to their collection. The unicorn design and vibrant colors will surely make bath time or beach trips more enjoyable for your little princess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these towels suitable for boys?

While the unicorn design may be more appealing to girls, these towels can be used by boys as well. The softness, size, and absorbency make them suitable for any child.

Can these towels be machine washed?

Yes, these towels are machine washable. Simply follow the care instructions provided to ensure their longevity and maintain their softness.

What age range are these towels suitable for?

These towels are suitable for children of all ages. The extra large size allows for use from infancy to early childhood.

Can these towels be used at the beach?

Absolutely! These towels are perfect for the beach. The hood provides extra protection from the sun, and the absorbent material helps dry off your child after a swim.


Make bath time or beach trips a fun and cozy experience for your little girls with the Little Tinkers World Premium Hooded Towels. The unicorn design, ultra softness, and extra large size make these towels a must-have for any child. Invest in the comfort and happiness of your child with our premium hooded towels.