Leedor Gazebos for Patios Screen House Room

Leedor Gazebos for Patios Screen House Room

Leedor Gazebos for Patios Screen House Room

Are you tired of traditional camping tents that are heavy and difficult to set up? Look no further! Introducing the Leedor Gazebos for Patios Screen House Room, the perfect solution for your outdoor adventures. With its innovative design and durable materials, this screen house will revolutionize your camping experience.

Innovative Design

The Leedor Screen House is 12’x12’x7.5′ H and weighs only 20 lbs. It features a pop-up automatic design, eliminating the need for assembly. The frame is made of lightweight and long-lasting fiberglass, unlike other similar tents on the market that are made of steel and iron, which can be heavy and prone to rust.


With its spacious interior, the Leedor screen house comfortably fits 8-10 adults and provides ample space for camping equipment. The 8 gauze panels ensure excellent ventilation, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air while keeping insects out. Whether you’re in your backyard, at the park, or camping in the wilderness, this screen house will enhance your holiday time.

Strong Stability

Your safety is our top priority. The Leedor screen house is equipped with high-strength fiberglass rods that ensure stability during use. Additionally, it comes with 8 elongated sandbags, 16 guylines, and 16 mounting stakes, providing extra stability in windy conditions. Please note that it is not recommended to use the screen house when the wind force reaches 24-30.8 miles/hour. The two large entrance doors with double side silicone zippers make it easy to zip from inside and outside. Inside the room, you’ll find multiple hooks to hang your coat, handbag, or other items.

Pop Up & Easy Storage

Setting up the Leedor screen house is a breeze. Its creative fiberglass ribs automatically open, popping up in a second without the need for extra tools. When it’s time to pack up, the innovative folding technique allows for easy folding down. The carry bag has a diameter of 41.7″ and a height of 2.8″, making it convenient to store and transport. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional tents and enjoy a brand new camping experience with Leedor.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Leedor is a U.S. based company, and we stand behind the quality of our products. We offer a 1-year limited warranty, ensuring your complete satisfaction. If you are not happy with your Leedor tent, please contact us. Our office, located in Los Angeles, CA, is ready to provide you with speedy service. Please note that this product is protected by design and utility patents. Copying or following our products is strictly prohibited, and we will enforce our rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Experience the Leedor Gazebos for Patios Screen House Room and elevate your camping adventures today!