FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

Introducing the FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer, the ultimate tool for bringing your ideas to life. With its enclosed metal frame structure, optimized build platform, and dual extruder, this printer offers unparalleled performance and versatility.

Sturdy Metal Frame

The FlashForge Creator Pro features a sturdy metal frame that is substantially more stable than the original wood frame of its predecessor. This ensures that your prints are precise and accurate, without any wobbling or shifting during the printing process.

Dual Extrusion

Experience the magic of dual color and dual material printing with the FlashForge Creator Pro. The dual extruder allows you to create stunning, multi-colored prints with ease. Whether you’re a professional designer or a hobbyist, this feature opens up a world of possibilities for your creations.

Aviation Level Aluminum Plate

One of the standout features of the FlashForge Creator Pro is its aviation level aluminum plate. With a thickness of 6.3mm, this plate guarantees a completely flat surface that will not warp during the heating process. Say goodbye to uneven prints and hello to professional-quality results.

Filament Compatibility

The FlashForge Creator Pro is compatible with a wide range of filaments, including PLA, ABS, PLA Color Change, Pearl, ABS Pro, Elastic, PVA, HIPS, PETG, TPE, TPU, Conductive Filament, Flexible Filament, Metal Filled Filament, Wood Filled Filament, and PP. Whatever your project requires, this printer has got you covered.

Warranty and Service

When you choose the FlashForge Creator Pro, you can rest easy knowing that you’re backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Any issues or concerns will be promptly addressed by FlashForge’s expert technicians, who are always ready to provide free email support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I use third-party filaments with the FlashForge Creator Pro?
  • A: Yes, the Creator Pro is compatible with a wide range of filaments, including third-party options.
  • Q: Does the printer come with any software?
  • A: Yes, the FlashForge Creator Pro comes with FlashPrint, a user-friendly slicing software that allows you to prepare your models for printing.
  • Q: Can I resume printing after a power outage?
  • A: Yes, the Creator Pro has a built-in feature that allows you to resume printing from where it left off in case of a power failure.


The FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer is a game-changer in the world of 3D printing. Its sturdy metal frame, dual extrusion capabilities, aviation level aluminum plate, and wide filament compatibility make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With full manufacturer’s warranty and expert support, you can trust that your printing needs will be met with the utmost satisfaction. Unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life with the FlashForge Creator Pro.