Car Mats for Toyota C-HR (2017+): The Perfect Accessory for Your Vehicle

Car Mats for Toyota C-HR (2017+): The Perfect Accessory for Your Vehicle

Ultimate Protection for Your Interior

When it comes to protecting your Toyota C-HR (2017+), nothing does the job better than our tailored fit rubber floor mat set. These mats are designed to provide ultimate protection against mud, sand, grease, water, and even dog hairs. With these mats in place, you can say goodbye to lasting damage to your interior and hello to a crisp and clean car.

Not only do these car mats protect your vehicle from spills, but they also protect its value. By preventing dirt and debris from reaching your carpets, these mats ensure that your car stays in top condition for years to come.

Featuring an anti-slip backing, these mats provide a secure and comfortable fit. You can drive with confidence, knowing that your mats won’t move around and cause any distractions.

Heavy-Duty Design for All Your Adventures

Made from super durable, 100% waterproof rubber, these mats are built to withstand heavy use. Whether it’s daily wear and tear or weekend adventures, these mats can handle it all. The non-porous material ensures that liquid or mud doesn’t seep through to your carpets, making cleaning a breeze.

Light dirt can simply be shaken off, while tougher mud or stains can be easily removed by spraying the mats down. With these mats, you don’t have to worry about the mess – just enjoy the ride.

Perfectly Tailored to Your Vehicle

Our car mats are designed with precision. Using 3D scanning technology and a German Engineered CNC cutter, we ensure that each mat fits perfectly around every curve and panel in your Toyota C-HR (2017+). No more worrying about ill-fitting mats that slide around – our mats lie completely flat and feature model-specific fixings to keep them securely in place.

Made in the UK with Quality and Sustainability in Mind

At Car Mat Co, we take pride in our products. That’s why all of our car mats are tailor-made here in the UK by our dedicated team. Each mat is hand-finished and carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality.

Our mats are made under ISO9001 standards for OE level quality, providing you with the same level of protection as the main dealer at a fraction of the price. We also use state-of-the-art software that minimizes waste during manufacturing, reducing our environmental impact and improving value for you, our customer.


When it comes to protecting your Toyota C-HR (2017+), our tailored fit rubber floor mat set is the perfect accessory. With its ultimate protection, heavy-duty design, and precise fit, these mats are a must-have for any car owner. Made in the UK with quality and sustainability in mind, you can trust Car Mat Co to provide lasting protection for your vehicle.