AC Infinity AIRCOM S8: The Ultimate Cooling Solution for AV Components

AC Infinity AIRCOM S8: The Ultimate Cooling Solution for AV Components


The AC Infinity AIRCOM S8 is a state-of-the-art cooling fan system specifically designed to maintain an optimal temperature for AV components such as receivers, amplifiers, and DVRs. By preventing overheating, this innovative product ensures constant performance and extends the lifespan of your valuable equipment.

Featuring a sleek and low-profile design, the AIRCOM S8 can be easily placed on top of your AV components, making it a perfect fit even in tight spaces. Its steel enclosure houses three dual-ball bearing blowers that effectively pull heat out of the components and exhaust it out the rear, keeping your equipment cool and functioning flawlessly.

Intelligent Programming

The AIRCOM S8 comes with a smart thermostat trigger and fan speed control, allowing you to customize its operation according to your needs. With three programming settings available, including two temperature trigger modes, you can set the fans to run continuously or be turned off when not required.

Furthermore, the AIRCOM S8 offers four fan speeds for each active mode, ensuring optimal airflow and noise levels for your specific application. This intelligent programming guarantees that your AV components stay cool without compromising on performance or creating unnecessary noise.

Design and Construction

AC Infinity takes pride in the quality and durability of their products, and the AIRCOM S8 is no exception. The dual-ball bearing blowers used in this cooling system are rated at an impressive 67,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance.

These blowers feature a PWM-controlled motor that minimizes noise during speed variations, providing a quiet cooling solution for your AV components. Additionally, the blowers are suspended in mid-air with silicone mounts, effectively absorbing vibrations and further reducing noise.

The low-profile design of the AIRCOM S8 allows it to fit seamlessly into applications with limited height clearance. Its aluminum and steel construction not only ensures durability but also enables you to stack additional components weighing up to 30 pounds on top of it.

  • Manufacturer: AC Infinity
  • Item Trademark: AC INFINITY
  • Item Weight: 8.00 pounds
  • Item Category: Electronic Component Fan

The AC Infinity AIRCOM S8 is the ultimate cooling solution for your AV components. With its intelligent programming, sleek design, and durable construction, it ensures optimal performance, prevents overheating, and extends the lifespan of your valuable equipment. Say goodbye to noisy and inefficient cooling systems, and invest in the AIRCOM S8 for a superior cooling experience.