4000RPM Lab Centrifuge – PRP Plasma Centrifuge Machine

4000RPM Lab Centrifuge – PRP Plasma Centrifuge Machine

4000RPM Lab Centrifuge – PRP Plasma Centrifuge Machine


The 4000RPM Lab Centrifuge is an intelligent low-speed centrifuge with a digital display. It is designed for stable operation and precise timing, making it ideal for use in medical, research, and drug development industries. This centrifuge is commonly used for fat purification, serum separation, and liquid separation.


  • Visible lid: Allows clear observation of the internal operation of the centrifuge during use.
  • Buckle design: Ensures a secure lid and smooth operation of the centrifuge.
  • Heat dissipation design: Effectively dissipates heat during operation, preventing damage to experimental samples. Reduces noise to keep sound below 35 dB.
  • Independent switch: Easy power supply connection and switch operation. Back design prevents accidental touching during use.
  • Non-slip foot pad: High-quality rubber suction cup provides stability and prevents scratches on the desktop.


  • Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ or AC110V 60HZ
  • Speed: 0-4000RPM/min
  • Capacity: 20ml X 8
  • Noise: less than 35 dB
  • Maximum relative centrifugal force: 1920Xg
  • Timing range: 1-999MIN or normally open
  • Centrifuge sleeve size: inner diameter 18mm, outer diameter 20mm, length 95mm
  • Applicable vacuum blood collection tube size: 2ML, 5ML, 7ML, 10ML (Tubes are not included)

Packing List

  • 1 * Centrifuge

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this centrifuge for plant extraction?

Yes, the 4000RPM Lab Centrifuge can be widely used for plant extraction, urea separation, and vaccine separation in various industries including petrochemical, medicine and health, environmental monitoring, physical and chemical analysis, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, etc.

What is the noise level of this centrifuge?

The noise level of this centrifuge is less than 35 dB, providing a quieter working environment.

Does the centrifuge have a timer function?

Yes, this digital display centrifuge has a timer function that allows you to set the desired time for your centrifugation process.

Is the lid of the centrifuge transparent?

Yes, the centrifuge has a transparent lid that allows you to easily observe the speed condition during operation.

What is the maximum speed of this centrifuge?

The 4000RPM Lab Centrifuge has a maximum speed of 4000 RPM, providing efficient separation of liquids and solid particles.

Thank you for choosing the 4000RPM Lab Centrifuge. With its intelligent features and precise operation, it is the perfect centrifuge for your medical and research needs.